Purna Yoga Teacher Training

Starting Your CPYV Journey
 A yoga teacher training is a big commitment; take these steps to insure the CPYV is your best choice:
  1. Find out why CPYV is different from other yoga teacher trainings by reading our “About” page
  2. Attend Purna Yoga classes at Om Prem Yoga Studio
  3. Try out Purna Yoga Workshops
  4. Attend the free “A Taste of the Training” for a sample of an actual CPYV class
  5. CPYV is an affiliate branch of the international College of Purna Yoga; read more about the College and its founders Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri
  6. Teachers, sign up for Purna Yoga continuing education workshops.
  7. Register for the 200-hour CPYV training.

Yoga is an ancient and powerful tool for purposeful living. A complete practice helps you to discover the reason you are here, now. CPYV teaches you to live the fullness of yoga and instills skills that can transform all aspects of your life, including your relationships, career, health, and emotional wellbeing. This is not just a professional skills training; it is a life training that helps you to answer the seminal questions, “Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?”


For those who aspire to teach, CPYV instills mastery. The first rule of teaching Purna Yoga is “Do No Harm.” You will learn fundamental anatomy and precise alignment to keep students absolutely safe. You begin learning how to teach clearly and effectively from the first weekend, and small class sizes mean that your teaching skills are individually assessed with personalized feedback.

Try before you buy

Taste of the Training is open to all and is a two-hour condensed version of an actual CPYV class. It includes asana, meditation, teacher training, and a philosophy/lifestyle discussion. See the space. Review the manual. Meet the teacher. Taste of the Training lets you experience what makes this program different, and it’s free! Choose October 12, 2014, or December 14, 2014.